Nexus 5 ROM#

PureNexus + ElementalX or Franco Kernel

Purenexus: ElementaX: EX Kernel manager:


  1. Download the latest Pure Nexus zip, latest GApps (recommended ones linked, use others at your own risk), SuperSU (if you want root), and your custom kernel if you have one onto your phone.
  2. Backup any important data.
  3. Boot into TWRP and make a backup (optional but HIGHLY recommended).
  4. Wipe system, data, cache, and dalvik cache in Wipe > Advanced Wipe.
  5. Flash Pure Nexus zip.
  6. Flash GApps zip.
  7. Flash your custom kernel (optional).
  8. Flash SuperSU (optional).
  9. Reboot and profit.

Install XPosed Framework#

XPosed Modules:#

  • Android N-ify
  • Enable Ambient Display
  • Flat Style bar Indicators
  • GravitxBox
  • Greenify
  • Lucky Patcher
  • Materialize XPosed Instaler
  • MinMinLock
  • PoGoIV
  • XInstaler
  • Xstana